Spiritual Infancy

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Full lecture with Daniela Migliari. Spiritist Society of Ireland. Dublin, october 2018.

Special talk with Daniela Migliari, Dublin. The Irish Spiritist Federation Daniela Migliari participates in the activities of the “Comunhão Espírita” in Brasilia, Brazil – There, she completed her basic spiritist education, having taken classes in the Systematic Study of the Spiritist Doctrine, the Systematic Study of Mediumship, as well as advanced training in order to become a teacher at the center.

Daniela gives regular talks and works as a psychophonic medium. She is married, has three children, was born and currently resides in Brasilia. Professionally, Daniela is a journalist, writer, founder and senior partner at a PR firm and at Hellingerschule to become a Family Constellation facilitator.

In her social media presence, on both Youtube and Facebook (“Daniela Migliari Escritora”), she publishes her writings and videos on various topics related to personal growth and spirituality. She is currently publishing her first book this year: “Embracing your Shadow – moments that harbour and enlighten the spiritual infancy”.

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